I am a simple person with a complicated psyche.

I grew up in a middle-class, conservative, Christian home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

My negative memories from childhood encompass:
…the loneliness that sometimes accompanies being an only child
…sexual abuse on two different occasions
…being bullied in elementary and middle school

It was through…

The view from the other side can help you too.

The idea of the midlife crisis did not begin until 1957 when Canadian, Elliott Jaques, read one of his papers to the British Psycho-Analytical Society. It declared that the catalyst for this event was when people came to grips with their mortality and that their lives were half over.


How would you react if you thought telling the truth could get you killed

This is a picture with a marble background, with a bronze sculpture of the Apostle Peter. He has curly hair and a curly beard and his eyes are looking up and to the right of the camera.

The Liar

It was a chilly night, and people were gathered in the courtyard of the Jewish high priest in Jerusalem. Someone had been arrested, and everyone thought this prisoner was taken before the High Priest for questioning.

People were mingling in the courtyard, and a servant girl walks over to this…

Name three people you were afraid of as a kid.

A young boy making a silly face. He is Caucasian with light brown hair in front of a white wall. His right hand is above his right shoulder and he is pointing downward toward the camera.

I had sort of a different childhood. When I started walking, I walked with a limp, which prompted my parents to take me to the doctor. He discovered that I was born with a hernia. When I was 15 months old, I had the hernia surgically removed.

Before the surgery…

What do You want me to do when I grow up?

The face of a beautiful girl with an open smile looking up at the sky. She has dark hard and pinkish-purple rimmed sunglasses. The background is a gray cement wall.

The ask

Dear Jesus,

What do You want me to do when I grow up?

I wanted to be a stand-up comedian when I was in kindergarten. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I had phases where I wanted to be a: truck driver, policeman, fireman, professional athlete, professional singer, or musician.

Michael Hollifield

Blogger, speaker, passionate about life and learning, and relearning, and relearning.

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